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Hypnosis is magical! NOT❎

Most people might think that hypnosis is some sort of magical state where you can become a superhuman and I am here to tell you it is false.

What it is really about is hypnotherapist help you tune into a more relaxing state, so you can communicate with your deeper self through this method.

Probably cannot make you a “super me” but definitely can help you become a “better me”


Jane Li

Born into a family with a habit of meditation, she has always been interested in how our mind works. Also a certified hypnotist from NGH and ABH, her life mission is to bring internal happiness and satisfaction to others.


​催眠治療 HKD$1500

Guided Meditation HKD$500(最少四人,zoom/ team meet亦可) Meditation Reading(Private 1-2人) HKD$2000/ session

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